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For this countdown we’ve searched the web for the most unforgivable road construction fails we could find. Our search resulted in this extensive countdown featuring 19 ridiculous fails that’ll make you believe that DOT lacks a drug testing policy. Be sure to stick around until you reach the #1 spot, you will be shocked at […]

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The precise meaning of ‘microcar’ is cloudy at best. Nevertheless, most have unanimously agreed that if a car features a less than 1000cc one-cylinder engine or electric motor, one-wheel drive, less than 9-feet in length, and just enough room for one or two passengers, it’s a microcar. Over the years, these teensy vehicles have also […]

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Modern SUV’s tend to be a pleasant blend of rugged truck-like properties mixed with car-like coziness and fuel efficacy. It’s this fact that makes these crossover utility vehicles appeal to more people now, than ever before. In this countdown we’ll discuss some very entertaining facts and tidbits about 6 of the best SUV’s released during […]


The 2017 Chevy Camaro 1LE is a truly outstanding, American-made sports car outfitted with a highly-tuned track performance package. It offers virtually everything you’d ever need from a sports car including a monstrous power-train lineup, fine handling, and exceptional looks as well! In this engaging countdown, we’ll discuss 7 reason why Chevy fans are sure to […]

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Welcome to our list featuring the top 10 most frequently stolen cars(and trucks) in America! We’ve sorted through tons of insurance and police data, in an effort to provide you with a detailed, yet entertaining list of some of the most often targeted cars in the US. Are You at Risk? See the Most Frequently Stolen Vehicles […]

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In this countdown we will discuss a few celebrities and their dramatic garages. Our lavish list features an impressive group of celebs including actors such as Tim Allen and Jay Leno, sports icons like Floyd Mayweather and even supers stars of the tech world like Jon Shirley. We will start each selection by shedding light on that […]

25 concept cars that never made it to production plymouth xnr

25 Fascinating Concept Cars That Never Made it to Production Join us in this countdown as we discuss 25 of the most fascinating concept cars that never made it. In this list we’ll cover unique concepts from well-known companies such as Ford, and Toyota as well as concepts from lesser known manufactures such as ‘Frisky […]

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Welcome to our countdown discussing 13 celebrities who are licensed to fly! Throughout this list we will discuss several different celebrity pilots and provide a brief background on what got them involved in aviation. Where appropriate, we’ll dive even further into details about the planes that these celebs own. So if you’re interested in learning […]

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When it comes to police vehicles in the USA, we’ve become accustomed to seeing Ford Crown Victorias, Dodge Chargers, and Chevy Impalas. However, when it comes to foreign police departments, Jaguar, Lexus, Porsche, and Lamborghini are just a handful of the ‘high-dollar’ manufactures which provide cars for officers. Join us in this top 23 countdown as […]

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Vroom vroom vroom! Our list of the 20 fastest street-legal motorcycles starts out with the first motorcycle to exceed the 100MPH mark and ends with several newer bikes that exceed the 200MPH threshold! Each one of these 20 bikes have been thoroughly researched in order for us to craft the best motorcycle list available on […]