It seems that more than any other vehicle, custom-made trikes are the most likely to turn out weird and unusual. In many cases that’s a bad thing, but some of these unique creations are also downright impressive. This eclectic list includes fast trikes and trikes that maneuver well along with some cumbersome creations that were […]

Militaries are entering a new era of warfare that includes watercraft with greater stealth, more firepower, increased versatility, and a higher level of automation than we’ve ever seen before. Many advanced vessels are developed in secrecy; and even when they are revealed, their technology often remains a mystery. From nearly silent subs to autonomous boats […]

The military battlefield has changed considerably in the 21st Century. Smaller, more mobile vehicles are generally being favored over the bulky armored vehicles of the past. Additionally, modular vehicles are being developed for greater adaptability based on mission requirements. While some military vehicles of the future look similar to the vehicles they are replacing, others are quite unique […]

Are you ready to see the most technologically advanced military aircraft the government has kept hidden from public view? This list includes amazing aircraft that are being used in the military today and others with some insane capabilities that are currently in development. Some of these top-secret machines are even rumored to be alien technology. […]

There are some great boats out there on the market that you can have a lot of fun with. But for those who are looking for something different that only a select few have, there’s our list of the most amazing military vessels for sale. Though this list is heavy with ships that most people can’t […]

The military has a long history of producing powerful, unique, and downright awesome vehicles that far exceed the capabilities of our civilian Fords and Chevys. Some of the vehicles currently and formerly used by the military are available to you, and many of them are relatively inexpensive. In this list, we take a look at […]


We’ve all seen those cars on the road that are excessively tricked out or that have crazy paint jobs. The cars on this list, though, take the weirdness to a whole new level. From unconventional building materials to ridiculous designs, we’ve scoured the Internet to find the strangest of the strange vehicles ever created. Some […]

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Take a look at the top 17 unsafe cars that have the highest chance of serious injury. The list includes the fast, the small, and the poorly designed. The odds of being seriously injured in a car collision have gone down significantly in recent years as new high-tech safety features have emerged. According to the IIHS, there were 15 […]


How do you define rare? Is “rare” a quantitative attribute that simply represents the number of units built? The automobile industry has a visible evolution that includes growing demands, improved technology, and even the process by which vehicles assembly takes place. Some of these cars are original while others restored. Some are so valuable that […]


Join us as we discuss 27 of the most expensive cars ever auctioned off! Our extensive list starts with a ‘modest’ $3,300,000 Oldsmobile and ends with a vehicle well into the 8 figures! For simplicity, all prices have been adjusted to 2015 dollars. And also due to privacy and copyright concerns, a small handful of […]