1088 HP Electric Concept Car



Would you believe that one of the newest super cars that’s turning heads right now around the world is an electric concept car? It’s true – check out the Rimac Concept One, an electric sports car with cutting edge technology and pushing almost 1100 horsepower. Turns out electric cars have come a long way since the Nissan Leaf! All the more surprising might be the fact that this car comes from Croatia, a nation not exactly known for cranking out super cars.

The Concept One boasts some pretty impressive stats. In addition putting out 1088 horsepower, it produces 1200 ft-lbs of torque, and takes only 2.8 seconds to go from 0-60 miles per hour. The car is electronically programmed to top out at 189 MPH. There are actually 4 motors that propel this super car, one for each wheel. One of the potential issues with other electric cars has been their limited range before needing a charge, but not so with the Concept One – a single charge will allow the vehicle to travel up to 370 miles. Oh, and speaking of impressive numbers, let’s not leave out perhaps the most jaw-dropping figure of all – the price tag. Start saving now, because a Rimac Concept One will cost you $980,000. We might not ever be able to swing that, but we’d still love a chance to take one out on the track. Like and share if you would, too.