14 yr Old Kid Takes Dad’s Ferrari 458 Super Car for a Test Drive!

14 yr old kid takes dad's ferrari 458 super car for test drive


Kid Takes Dad’s Ferrari 458 Super Car for Test Drive

Watch this quick clip of one luck little sun of gun, take his dad’s 550 hp Ferrari super car for a test drive on a closed private road. We don’t know much about this video to share with you. Not sure wether dad actually knows whats going on, and is letting his son take his Ferrari 458 super car for the ride, or if this kid is actually “borrowing” it without permission.

One way or another, this is one lucky 14 yr old. The best car I drove when I was 14 was my mom’s mini van in a parking lot… and as embarrassing as it is to say now, I was stoked! Can you imagine getting to drive one of the most powerful naturally aspirated road cars of all time, when you were 14?

What is the coolest car you have ever driven? How old were you when you drove your first car? Let us know in the comments below the video, and be sure to ‘share’ the post before you go. Thanks for watching!

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