19 Incredibly Foolish Road Construction Fails


17. Car vs. 30-Foot Pole Fail

At first glace this one has lawsuit written all over it. That is until you take a second look and realize how deserted the parking lot is.

photo credit: odometer.com

Jokes aside, it is truly bewildering how the paint company behind this gaffe made such a glaring mistake. I mean, how could they have really missed a 30 f.t. pole?

16. Did He Die Prank

photo credit: wonderfulengineering.com

Imagine traveling down the highway, minding your own business only to run into this, a buried construction worker!

In real life most people would be taken aback and immediately call authorities, however, in this situation it was just a harmless prank. In other words, no road workers were harmed in the making of this photo.