1929 Ford Model-A Off-Road Racer



Check out this crazy 1929 Ford Model A off-road racer that’s probably older than your grandfather! Tim Lenig drives this rustic racer deep in the Pennsylvania woods, and man does it look fun. Believe it or not, Tim actually built this car in the 1970s and is still racing it today. Now that’s staying power.

Of course modifications were needed to the original vehicle to keep it up to today’s standards, and those include things like a new fiberglass body kit, a lift hood, and a Ford 347 Stroker. The running gear is from a 1973 Ford Bronco, and the transmission is a Bronco C4. Safety features are necessary, of course, for the rough terrain this thing drives on, so other modifications include a roll cage, 5-point safety harness, fire extinguishers, and more. But apart from all the modifications and details that make up this vintage racer, just watch how this thing handles the off-road course. This is extreme 4-wheeling at its finest, and we would love a chance to take one of these for a spin for the afternoon. What about you – think you’d love a shot behind the wheel? If so, be sure to share our post.