2 Idiots, a Motorcycle, and a Bike



“Best idea ever” turns out to be famous last words for one of the clowns involved in this short but hilarious video. Left to their own devices, young men have been coming up with dumb ideas for centuries now, and by the looks of it this trend is alive and well. You remember some of the stuff you got in trouble for when you were a kid, especially if you had a brother? Well, imagine you had access to a motorcycle as well – this seems exactly like the sort of thing kid brothers could concoct.

We get the point of view from the guy on the bicycle, being pulled along by another guy on a motorcycle (maybe by a dog leash?). Yep, it’s that simple, and what leads the guy on the bicycle to proclaim it the best idea ever. Yeah, maybe right up until the motorcycle speeds up just a bit, at which point we get a very blurry but very clear image of what happened – the dude on the bicycle ended up on his ass, pretty banged up. Kids, don’t try this at home. But do like and share if you laughed as hard as we did.