2014 Indian Chief Motorcycles Unveiled at Sturgis



How sweet the view was at Sturgis this past weekend, as attendees were treated to the unveiling of the new lineup of Indian Motorcycle Company’s 2014 Indian Chief Bikes – the Classic, the Vintage and the Chieftain. The crowd was in awe, as they should be – they were seeing history in the making, and all indications are Indian Motorcycles will make some noise for the first time in half a century.

Indian Motorcycles were once the biggest seller in the world, but after the company went bankrupt in 1953, several companies have tried and failed to revive the brand. Polaris is the latest to take a shot, playing off their mild success with Victory bikes. They’re putting all their chips on the table this time, however; this lineup of  Indian Chief bikes  is their direct shot at Harley-Davidson, from whom they hope to steal a large chunk of sales. These 3 bikes will be powered by the Thunder Stroke 111 v-twin engine, a beast of a motor that puts out 119 foot/pounds of torque.

Indian bikes were once known for speed and performance, and while it remains to be seen how successful this latest installment will be, the initial data is impressive. Tell us your thoughts on the new 2014 Indian Chief Motorcycles, and be sure to like and share this post to help spread the word.