26 Bizarre and Creative Watercraft You Never Knew Existed!


Join us as we cruise through the ultimate list of the craziest watercraft sailing the waves of the interweb.

From weird and unusual to futuristic and down right crazy! Wether your a fan of boating or not. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and amazed by the vessels these creative visionaries have set a float for us all to see.

26. The Zipper Boat:


Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki debuted his new taxi boat design at the recent Setouchi International Arts Festival – and he’s definitely having a laugh. His unique sea-farer which will “zip” commuters from Takamatsu to Megijima, also known as Devil’s Island, in Kagawa, Japan. [via-spokeo.com]

25. The Exburry Egg:


Artists are weird. They’re always coming up with goofy ideas, like suspending sharks in formaldehyde or living in car-sized, floating eggs. Designed by artist Stephen Turner, the Exbury Egg is a humble home/boat that would allow one person (or maybe two if you don’t mind lots of snuggling) to live on a body of water. With the rising interesting in tiny living on land, this might just take that trend to a whole new place. [via-okeanosgroup.com]