23 Military Designed Aircraft The Rich Enough Civilian Can Legally Own!



22.Grumman G-21 ‘Goose’

The G-21 is a well-respected WWII era bomber, turned successful commercial airliner. Due to it being amphibious, the G-21 was highly praised by regional airlines, especially those in the Caribbean and Alaska. Sadly, by the early 1990’s many of the original G-21’s were inoperable due to the lack of spare parts.

In 2007, a plane manufacture based in Gibsonville, North Carolina announced plans to restart the production of the G-21 however, as of 2015 no further updates have been made. Nevertheless, those interested still have a chance as a handful of G-21’s enter the market every year. Unsurprisingly, they are fairly pricey; typical prices linger in the mid-to-high six-figure range.