24 Cylinder Custom Show Truck with 12 Superchargers!


This 24 Cylinder Show Truck with 12 Superchargers is Bad to the Bone!

My favorite thing about the world of horsepower, is the constant endeavor to make it bigger, or more powerful, or more loud than the guy before you. Mike Harrah of Caribou Industries Inc. (CA) is a perfect example. He is constantly pushing the envelope, and in regards to the massive engine he built below, he disintegrated that envelope!

He introduced this V24-71 Detroit Diesel “Big Mike” engine, a couple years back as the largest semi engine ever built. This beast of a semi engine is rated at over 3,000hp and uses 12 – 871 blowers and nitrous to get the job done.

The video below is showing this mean motor plant starting and revving. The sounds will make your mouth water, and something about the video will have you subconsciously putting a little extra weight on your right foot. Watch this “Big Mike” engine cranking up while its matched to an Allison transmission inside a custom 359 Peterbilt truck with a massive 40-foot long custom chassis to hold it all together.

How would you like to take this baby to work for a week? Although with the 40′ long chassis it would be bitch making turns in this thing, the sheer size and look of it makes up for it. If you liked this build as much as we did, be sure to ‘share’ it with your pals before you go. Thanks for watching!