25 Yr Old Harley Rat Bike VS CBR1000R Fireblade



Old Harley Davidson Bobber Races New Honda CBR 1000R Motorcycle

We have all been involved in, or around the usual “what bike is faster” motorcycle argument between crotch rockets and choppers. Of course there are varying degrees of what “faster” actually means. The video below is one example for you to share the next time you are stuck in one of those arguments. Watch as one of my new favorite biker’s Hildo ( a dutch harley builder ) teaches a young gun a lesson in humility.


Hildo is the owner of a 25 yr old Harley Davidson Ratbike Chopper that he built himself that long ago. It pushes about 70 hp on a good day. One of the techs in their garage rides a 180 hp Honda CBR1000R Fireblade crotch rocket. The honda rider even runs circuit events every once in a while as well, so this is an experienced rocket rider. Well, the tech and Hildo got into a conversation of what bike is faster, when the dutch builders decide to quit the chatter and put their rubber where their mouths were. Watch what happens when Hildo warms up his trusty old chopper to prove a point to the youngster. If you liked this post, be sure to ‘share’ it!