2600 HP 1968 Ford Falcon “Dirty Bird”

1968 ford falcon dirty bird drag car


You don’t think the owner of this crazy 2600 horsepower 1968 Ford Falcon is a fan of a certain NFL team, do you? Well, the season may not have started yet, but this is one Dirty Bird to be enjoyed no matter what time of year it is. The Ford Falcon was quickly overshadowed by the Ford Mustang when it first came out in the 1960s, even though the Mustang borrowed a lot from the Falcon. Now, while you see a ton of modified Mustangs, you don’t see nearly as many Falcons, but we love the change of pace.

That goes especially for this model here – we really dig the 1968 Ford Falcon you see here, with its 2600 horsepower small-block engine with twin 88mm turbochargers. That horsepower claim might actually be accurate, too – watch as the Dirty Bird handles this 1/8 mile run in 4.700 seconds with a speed of 159.35 mph. Holy cow, that’s a way to turn some heads. We’d definitely love to see this thing live in-person, or better yet, get behind the wheel for a run of our own. If you agree, be sure to like and share.