27 of the Worst Vehicles Ever Made


You’ve all seen a vehicle on the road that was so poorly designed you had to ask, “What were they thinking?” We assembled this listed based on two factors — design and reliability. The design aspects that we looked at included proportion and cheapness in look. For reliability, we looked at vehicles that broke down constantly and, therefore, caused their owners to dislike the car.


While researching for this list, we discovered that there were dozens and dozens of other cars that could and probably should’ve been added. In an attempt to make this list short enough to get away with reading while the boss is in the bathroom, we kept it to our worst 27 for you. We hope you enjoy, and welcome any additions you think should be on here when your done.

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27. The Austin Allegro:


This British made mess, sadly had potential, but the factory failed to produce a secure suspension and as such, the vehicle went mostly where it wanted.