3′ Away From 200 Mph Motorcycle Race at Isle of Man TT

isle of man tt 2013 irish motorcycle racing super bikes




The annual Isle of Man TT super bike race in Ireland is as intriguing as it is legendary. Not only is this race the most dangerous race of all time. It is still held once a year, and racers flock to compete. Now these just aren’t any racers and this isn’t just any race. The Isle of Man TT is one of the last races that still holds the historic value of not being changed just because of “safety”.

Only at Isle of Man can a spectator stand 3′ away from the speeding motorcycles, close enough to loose a hat if your not holding on to it when the super bike racers fly by. This is one of the only motorcycle races where the fans are in just as much danger at certain turns as the racers. The race is through actual city streets that are lined by die hard enthusiast and everyone in between. These motorcycle racers have to be the ballsiest bunch in their sport, and you’d be crazy to disagree. This is one race you are certain to never forget! If you liked the video, please be sure to like and share it!