4 Motorcyclist Get Run Over By Seemingly Drunk Driver

4 motorcycle riders ran over by suv

Four Motorcycle Riders Get a Nasty Surprise!

Riding a motorcycle is a dangerous lifestyle to live. You will never catch me arguing that it is not dangerous, with the cagers. My argument usually shifts to how dangerous anything can be.. even driving, or walking on the sidewalk. I guess its not only to prove a point, but to take the focus off how dangerous my lifestyle is in fact.

However, we can’t completely ignore the dangers of riding on the same roads as idiot drivers. We all know that almost half of the drivers on the road today are idiots. Its a wonder they even pass there drivers test. The fact is, no matter how experienced and protected we are on two wheels, the safest practice is to be a defensive driver. Be prepared for EVERYONE to be an idiot. When my little brother first started riding with me, I told him to pretend like every driver was a drunk driver on the road. He laughed at me, but soon got the point I was trying to make.

This video below is a perfect example. Of course I don’t have proof that this guy is actually a drunk driver. The way he takes out the pack of motorcycles, is still proof he falls in the idiot category at the very least. Watch how he not only takes the turn way to wide, but doesn’t stop as he runs over the motorcycle riders like they are bowling pins. This dangerous accident could have easily been avoided if the driver stayed in his lane, looked ahead of him, and if the bikers were prepared to be passing a drunk driver to begin with.

Moral of the post: Treat every cager on the road like they are drunk and stupid, and you just might save your life or at least a hospital visit for a ridiculously careless car accident!

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