4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Crosses Deep River Like a BOSS!

Meanwhile in Australia; bridges are going extinct! Watch this epic river crossing by a 4 wheel drive toyota land cruiser! At first glance crossing this river in any type of 4 wheeled vehicle would be impossible. Carrigan (the driver of this older toyota land cruiser) had a different opinion.



His Toyota Land Cruiser 80 is no stranger to off-road adventure. You can see it is already fitted with a snorkel, to allow air intake in deep water situations. However, the Cox’s river in the lidsdale state forest is not the first thing you think of driving any vehicle into. Watch as Carrigan maneuvers the deep water like a pro. Practically floating with only the front axle on the bottom, he slowly and surely makes his way to other side.

You can’t help but be impressed when he begins to crawl back out of the deep river. The suspense was getting greater and greater, and to see him begin to climb out was not only impressive but relieving I’m sure. You know your off-roading when there’s enough water falling out of the cab to quench a small rugby team! If you liked this amazing off-road river crossing, be sure to ‘share’ the post before you go!