4×4 Toyota Trucks in an Epic Mud Bog Recovery FAIL!



Watch as Aussies Jase and Simon find themselves in a dirty debaucle while on an adventure along the Australian coast line. As the guys are searching the coast line for some new fishing areas, with their custom off-road nissan trucks, things get a little messy.

After a good bit of off-roading the guys find they need to take it to the next level if they want to keep up the search for the next great fishing destination, in this uninhabited part of the “outback”. The team is almost 6 hrs away from the nearest help, when they decide to cross a muddy river bed at low tide.

At first glance it seems that the off-road ready nissan truck can handle the muddy crossing with a little speed and all 4 wheels spinning. They quickly find they truck was no match for the muddy river bed as it was deeper than they expected. Watch what happens when they find the tide rising quickly on their stuck nissan truck. Things go from bad to worse in a hurry!

Where did they go wrong? If you were there would you have done anything different, that could have avoided the muddy catastrophe? Let us know in the comments below. If you liked the clip, be sure to ‘share’ the post before you go. Thanks for watching!