52 Used Cars Die At Sea



If you thought purchasing a used vehicle here in the U.S. was risky, try buying dozens of them and then having them shipped overseas! Forget lemon laws – storms out on the open water are the newest danger to buyers of used cars. Check out this crazy video taken aboard the Astongate, a cargo ship that was transporting 64 cars, trucks and SUVs that were purchased at an auction in Japan to the new owner in Russia. That ship ought to make good time now, considering it’s about 52 vehicles lighter than when it started out!

According to the description, the buyer of these vehicles signed a document that acknowledged the ships were being transported in this manner at his own risk. Something tells us he isn’t going to be too happy when this ship finally arrives in Russia, carrying only about a dozen of his vehicles. Oh, and the ones left on board don’t appear to be in great shape, either. You know what they say – if you want a job done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Next time, this buyer might consider doing just that. This is when car insurance rates seem worth it,. If you’re floored by how crazy this video is, make sure you share our post.