70 mph Polaris RZR Flip 5 Times in Dangerous Crash!


How Many Flips Does it Take to Ruin a Polaris RZR 900?

5 – 5 full flips, will definitely destroy a polaris RZR. This video of a very dangerous wreck proves just that. Now I guess an argument could be made for what rotation the flips are, or how fast the polaris ATV is going. One thing is for sure though, this ATV is DONE!

Watch this crazy crash of some deuschy little dude, that seems to be impressing his lady until he threatens her life with this scary wreck. Not only did he take her for a ride at dangerously high speeds with poor wheel control and no helmets, he’s showboating to whoever he keeps throwing a thumbs up to, while doing it!

It’s hard not to laugh if you watch this clip twice, every times he throws up the thumb and smirks like a deusch… just funny thinking he’s about to wreck a $20,000.00 ATV in front of whoever he’s showing off to.