’73 Dodge Charger 340 Magnum


When it comes to vintage cars, we have to say the 1973 Dodge Charger is one of our favorites.  After watching this video, there’s little doubt why 1973 was the best-selling year for the Charger.  This model is the 340 Magnum, which featured a 240-HP V-8 engine and four-barrel carburator.  While not necessarily meeting matching up to the raw power of today’s muscle cars, even at factory defaults, this is still a performance car.

We love the light blue color of this one, with the white seats and wood panel inside.  This is old-school cool – pop this car into a Tarantino flick and you’d have one back mother…well, you know.  We see a lot of 1973 Chargers that are heavily modified these days, with much higher horsepower engines that match up better to today’s road monsters, but we’d be just fine behind the wheel of this one. Like and share if you agree.