A Ride Along in the Chevy Powered Batman Tumbler




There may be no vehicle featured in a movie within the last decade that is more recognizable than the Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, and in the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, Jay gets to take this awesome creation out for a spin. That’s right – the Tumbler wasn’t just CGI or some hodgepodge that looked good on screen – it’s an actual car (SUV?) that can be driven on the road. Almost the entire vehicle is fully custom from the ground up, and uses a Chevy ZZ3 small-block engine.

We found it amazing how much this thing really is like just any other vehicle you can jump in, crank up, and go! And hey, here’s the good news – rather than shelling out about $3 million for a new Bugatti, the Batman Tumbler only costs between $500k and $1 million, which sounds like a steal to us! So how does it drive? Well, for one thing, it looks totally bad-ass seeing this thing cruising around with other normal passenger vehicles. But it seems to drive surprisingly well! It has good acceleration, looks to ride pretty smoothly, and comfortably seats 2 – so all you would-be crime fighters with kids might be out of luck. It’s definitely loud, though, and we couldn’t help but notice there appear to be some ridiculous blind spots. Maybe we’ll leave the Tumbler for Batman after all, now that we think about it. Be sure to like and share if you enjoyed seeing this car out on the road in action.