A Turbo Powered Volvo Farm Tractor Showing Off Its Talents in the Field


Crazy Swedish Tractor Racing Video: Watch This Baby Roar

Doing donuts in an old field with dirt clods flying right under from under its jumbo tractor wheels?!? Yes, all that and so much more. We at ALH.com are so excited to introduce you to the Swedish Volvo Terror, a tractor with a turbocharged B21ET gas engine from a Volvo 240. This viral video has been making the rounds but we just love it so much that we had to share with all of you horsepower fans out there!


The two Swedish guys who modded the Terror are totally nuts. Watch how crazy overpowered this beast is as they take the Terror tractor racing in an open field in this neat video. This is most definitely not the tractor from your grandfather’s farm!

We don’t have too much information about the crazy Swedes who built the Terror. However, we can tell you that the B21ET used in the tractor comes from the Redblock gasoline engine series. Capable of delivering 155 horsepower, the B21ET was used on cars like the extremely popular and incredibly long lasting Volvo 240 series. The Redblock name symbolizes the red coat of paint that was applied to the engine. While you may not think of drag racing when you think of the Volvo brand, don’t be surprised if this video shows you what this type of car (okay, tractor) can really do when you have someone who’s willing to just go for it.

turbo-charged-volvo-farm-tractor  Watch as the driver takes that thing off the field and onto this tiny country lane, then really lets the engine roar. There’s so much blue smoke coming off of the tires. They don’t tell you the Terror’s maximum speed in the video, but let’s just say that you definitely won’t be stuck waiting behind the custom farm tractor on one of those tiny country lanes. Watch as he opens it up and really lets it go at max speed before slowing down to rev the engine and lay down some rubber on that little road. You can almost smell the burn through the video.

At one point, the driver goes totally nuts just taking the tractor in figure 8’s on the roadway. It’s almost enough to make you dizzy just watching him turn for a good minute. The turning radius on that tractor is insane. Plus, the front axle takes such as beating with all those turns that it’s a wonder those tiny tires can keep up.

In case you’re wondering, there is definitely a danger of toppling over in any tractor, but especially one as overcharged as the Turbo. So it’s a total testament to the driver’s skills that he is able to control this thing on roads, dirt, gravel, grass, and mud without slipping around. And in such a casual way, too. There are no safety helmets in this video.

If you have never thought about modding out a tractor to be an overpowered all terrain racing vehicle, this video just may put the idea into your head. With over 17 million views, this video is a total must for any gearhead.

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