After Insane Car Crash, Driver Attempts To Flee In Cab



There are two unbelievable parts to this video – first, that the driver actually survives and walks away from this car crash, and then that he attempts to get a cab ride with his wrecked car right behind him! Sometimes we can hardly believe the stuff people will try to get away with, but we keep seeing videos like this over and over, so maybe eventually we’ll stop being surprised.

The car crash itself is crazy enough, as the driver speeds off the road, clips a pole and endures his car doing a complete somersault and coming to rest with 2 wheels on the ground and two elevated on a bench right beside a gas station, where the video is captured. Surprisingly, only moments after impact, the driver climbs out of the passenger window, walks towards the road, and attempts to get a ride from a passing taxi. We can only imagine the discussion had, but it doesn’t appear to go well for our Evel Knievel, as the clip ends with the taxi speeding off and our driver holding on for dear life as he tries to climb in. We assume the cab driver figured out what the deal was, and was just trying to get the heck out of there and remain uninvolved in the entire situation.  Oh, and we’d also bet this clown will be hearing from the owner of the gas station – better get a good defense attorney!  Like and share if you thought this video was as crazy as we did.