Alabama Tow Truck Driver Nearly Dies Securing a Toyota Pickup Truck!



Mobile Tow Truck Driver Almost Crushed in Scary Highway Accident

This scary video from the Alabama DOT (Department of Transportation) shows footage of a tow truck driver seeing his life pass before his eyes. The tow truck driver was in the process of securing a wrecked toyota tundra pickup truck, that had lost control do to the icy roads of Interstat 10. Just as he was done securing the wrecked truck, another vehicle ( what looks to be a nissan SUV or crossover) loses control on an icy patch of road as it was about to pass the driver and tow truck.

The vehicle comes within inches of hitting the man, which would have almost certainly been a fatal accident. Watch as it unfolds below. Once the two truck driver realizes what happened, you can see him walk over to the edge of the bridge and attempt to collect himself. It is hard to imagine what that situation must have felt like. These type of near death experiences, can cause people to rethink their priorities! What would you do when you got home, if this had happened to you? Let us know in the comments below, and please give the post a ‘share’ if you thought it was as amazing as we did! Thanks for watching!