Amazing Out of Control Monster Truck Wheelie Save

monster truck almost kills fans


Amazing Out of Control Monster Truck Wheelie Save!

TURN YOUR SPEAKERS DOWN FOR THIS ONE! Watch this unbelievably terrifying video captured by an amateur at a monster truck event. There is nothing more terrifying than thinking your about to die, and this video gives you a glimpse of what that could look like.

Watch as the monster truck jumps a pile of smashed race cars towards the stands where the spectator is filming from when they get more of a show then they bargained for. The over powered high performance monster truck gets a little more torque than he probably planned combined with climbing the pile of cars and seems to get stuck in a wheelie. Well that would be just plain cool, if the wheelie wasn’t headed straight for the stands! The quick thinking monster truck driver who probably had two feet and anything else he could find slammed on the brakes from the moment he realized what was happening. Fortunately for the driver and the hundreds of spectators he stops within inches of the bleachers in what can only be explained as the coolest parking job in recent monster truck history!

What do you think? Did the driver do it on purpose, or do you think he lost control? Let us know in the comments below!