Amazing People Lift Burning Car to Save Trapped Motorcyclist




This is one of the most amazing videos we have ever received! Watch what happens when this luxury car collides with a motorcycle rider trapping him under the car on the highway. There are a couple amazing things going on in the video. One being the fact that the driver of the car who hit the motorcyclist seems to be the least concerned with the injured biker. Two, the amazing act of humanity as many bystanders risk their own lives to save the trapped motorcyclist from the burning vehicle.

The burning motorcycle and luxury car where a time bomb waiting to blow, but the caring citizens rushed to the biker aid and with the extra help of some construction workers from a nearby work site are able to lift the car onto two wheels so they can drag the unconscious motorcycle biker to safety. One viewer mentioned that this video is a perfect analogy of corporate america, as the guy in the suit who caused the accident in his luxury car just stood around and was going to let the biker die as he was afraid to get his hands dirty. Sound familiar? Fortunately the average american citizens showed their strengths and pulled together to help this man see another day. The biker did survive and was more than thankful to all of the quick thinking citizens who saved him. Let us know what you thought about the video in the comment section below, and don’t forget to like and share before you go!