Angry Ram VS Off-Road Motorcycle Rider



Riding in the mountains on an off-road motorcycle can be dangerous enough, but check out what happens when this biker encounters a pissed off ram along the path. That’s one little guy we would definitely not want to come across – he’s so mean! This video seriously had us rolling on the floor laughing the first time we saw it, and hopefully now that it’s been a few days the biker can get a kick out of it, as well.

The motorcyclist is riding along the trail, when suddenly he looks up and there’s a ram coming around the bend just standing in the middle of the road. The rider and the ram just stand there for a bit staring each other down, when the biker makes the mistake of trying to scare the beast off by revving the bike. Bad move, cowboy – that only serves to piss the ram off, who suddenly charges and slams into the front of the bike. The biker gets off the motorcycle, and the chase is on. The next minute or so is absolutely hysterical, with the ram charging at the biker over and over, and the man trying to scare the ram off unsuccessfully. In the end, the guy gets just enough space between he and the ram to hop back on the off-road motorcycle and head back the way he came. That’s a pretty smart move in our opinion – live to fight another day! The final tally here: Ram – 1, Man – 0. Like and share if you agree.