Awesome Mud Truck Freestyle Run at Bama Jam Farms



Check out this insane run by a super cool truck, the Sonuva Digger mud truck driven by Ryan Anderson, shown here completing a freestyle run at Bama Jam Farms. There’s nothing quite like seeing one of these trucks in action, and the show put on by Ryan and his truck is one of the best we’ve seen recently. The truck sounds amazing, and we were really impressed with the ease with which the Sonuva Digger completes some of these stunts.

The Sonuva Digger mud truck is powered by a 1500 horsepower 540 Cl Merlin engine, and rides on 66″ Terra tires. It certainly put that powerful engine to good use on this course, dominating it with a cool array of jumps and other stunts that had the crowd on their feet. We especially loved the three-wheel donut near the end, which was just simply cool. It doesn’t take long before the camera almost loses sight of the truck in the massive cloud of dirt kicked up. What did you guys think – any mud truck fans showing some love for this awesome truck? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to like and share if you enjoyed the video.