BACA Motorcycle Club: Bikers Against Child Abuse


Now this is the type of thing that helps boost our faith in humanity. The BACA Motorcycle club is changing lives in Arizona one safer feeling child at a time. These guys have got my vote. Who needs Sons of Anarchy when you have a club like this in your town.

baca motorcycle club bikers against child abuse

The BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) Motorcycle Club, is composed of normal looking bikers. The thing that sets them apart is what they do. These super heroes of sorts, induct abused and defenseless children in their Arizona neighborhoods into their club and offer them protection.


Some of the club members have been abused as children themselves, so they really take the protection of their younger brothers and sister very seriously. Like the Prez says,”We’re not playing Wild Dogs here, and if someone wanting to hurt a child doesn’t take us seriously, well then that would be a big mistake”. How Awesome is that? Watch the video below and be sure to share this with as many bikers you know. If we can get this idea spreading, who knows how many more children it can save and empower.