Biker Babe’s Motorcycle Fail Gives New Meaning to Crotch Rocket!

biker babe funny motorcycle fail


We would never wish something like this on anyone! Now would we laugh at it, that’s a whole different question. The answer is simply YES! The video below gives you the visual example of what can happen when you mix a throttle happy sport biker and biker babe without much experience riding passenger on a motorcycle.

Watch what happens when the motorcycle driver gives two quick throttle twist that change his night for the worst. We can only imagine that he is not getting any after a stunt like this. Better get the guest sheets out and kick the dog off the couch buddy! How many times have you seen the short fenders and joked about a passenger ending up on the rear tire? Well, next time you and your motorcycle buddies are talking about something like that, be sure to reference this video for a perfect example! So is this why they call them “crotch” rockets? Let us know what you thought about the video in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and share before you go!