Biker Fights to Save His Motorcycle in Crazy Flash Flood



Many of us are aware of the recent flooding experienced by residents of Colorado, and this video of a motorcycle getting washed away in rapidly rising floodwaters shows just how dangerous Mother Nature can be! This biker is lucky to be alive, and we bet he’ll think next time before pulling a stunt like this. The water started as almost a trickle, probably calm enough where this biker thought he’d be able to ride through it no problem. But it’s amazing how quickly the situation gets out of hand.

As he rides, the water begins to flow faster and rise quickly, and before long the bike begins to slow, at times seeming to get stuck in the mud and water. It becomes evident within just a matter of seconds that the situation is out of control, and this biker should probably have ditched the bike and tried to make it to higher ground. For a while he tries to stay on the bike, but is pulled under the water several times, and in the end he does have to abandon ship and simply find a way to save himself by climbing to higher ground. Scary video, and although we hate to see the bike gone, this dude should be thankful he survived. Be sure to like and share if you enjoyed the video.