Sport Biker Lets Motorcycle Get Away From Him



Check out what happens when a guy on a kawasaki motorcycle takes off at a traffic light and can’t keep the acceleration in check. We thought at first this guy might be trying to show off, but the more we look at it, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, it appears as though he simply throttles up a little too strong, and simply can’t keep the bike underneath him. He’s lucky, too – check out how close the car in the far right lane comes to nailing his bike.

Also, what’s up with the driver in the car? She sees the whole thing happen, gasping as she sees the biker go down, but then keeps on driving by. Seriously? Show a little concern for others, people! If she were to wreck her car, you know she would be glad for any assistance offered by fellow commuters. Regardless, it’s nice to see the biker hop up after his spill, even if his bike (not to mention pride) is pretty banged up at the moment. Any of you motorcycle enthusiasts ever had an embarrassing incident like this happen? Don’t forget to like and share if you got a kick out of this video.