Blown Holden V8 Catches Fire at Aussie Summernats


Aussie Hot Rod Shows Off For Summernats Burnout Contest

If you ever looking to get away from the chilly american month of January, you should give Summernats in Canberra, Australia a visit. Its pretty much the Aussie’s hot rod version of Sturgis! This 3 day event plays home to horsepower loving, loud and crazy people. The kind of loud and crazy people we like here at

Since 1988, the summernats have been the biggest car show in Australia. Summernats is not just a car show anymore though. In fact its best know for its burnout contest. Of course they have your usual hot rod events from driving demonstrations and dyno competions to Rock bands and gear vendors, but thats not what your going to be hearing about from your buddies that just got back. These blown v8 junkies, love to burn their rubber.

Watch this crazy highlight from the latest Summernats burnout championships, below. This sick looking blown v8 hot rod known as ‘kranky’, really gives the crowd a show. Watch as he burns the tires right off the rims, and catches the mean sedan on fire! I don’t know about you, but we definitely thought this dude deserved a ‘share’. Know anyone else that would appreciate this kind of reckless throttle pounding? Send it their way before you go. Thanks for watching!

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