Blues Brothers Mall Chase Frame By Frame Reenactment in Legos!


Amazing Frame By Frame Cop Car Mall Chase From Blues Brothers in Legos!

Are you ready for a 3 minute long smile? Well you better be, before watching this amazing stop motion video below. Right when we were forgetting about how much we loved the storied Blues Brothers, an amazing video like this comes along to remind us to watch it again. Maybe over your holiday break…

This painstaking lego production of stop motion photography will bring you back to the place you were when you first watched the unforgettable movie. Brick by brick, +Bricktease recreated the infamous shopping mall chase scene that took place in Harvey, Illinois’ Dixon Square Mall.

This video follows the original mall chase scene frame by frame, with the matching soundtrack from the original movie. Watch the video below and ‘share’ it with your buds. Everyone deserves to enjoy this 3 minute adventure back in time!