BMW E-30 Crashes In Empty Parking Lot



Sometimes we can’t believe how ridiculously stupid people can be, evidenced by this BMW E-30 owner who took his car for a joyride in an empty parking lot, and then proceeded to crash into the one light pole sitting right in the middle. Out on the road, we get it – there are tons of other cars, pedestrians, etc. that all play a part when accidents happen, but this moron only has himself to blame. Seriously, look around – there isn’t another thing in sight that could possibly get in his way, but he manages to slam right into the one lamp post in sight.

If he planned on filing this to his car insurance company, he better hope they don’t check out this video he posted for the world to see. What makes it even better is he decided to have a buddy film his Steve McQueen fantasy escapades. He accelerates from one side of the lot to the other, squealing tires on the turns, then as he comes back the last time he just never quite gets control of the wheel. He fishtails a couple of times, then it’s lights out – he slams into the pole, and we see a cloud of smoke almost immediately. Yeah, not very bright. You guys have any stories like this, either of yourself or a buddy? Like and share if you do, or if you just enjoyed laughing at this guy.