Bobby Tanner’s Coleworx Buggy Eats Hill Climb’s For Breakfast

bobby tanners coleworx buggy hill climb extreme



4 Wheel Drive Nitro Buggy Attacks Insane Wall Climb

Watch Bobby Tanner and his Coleworxs Screaming Blue Buggy, absolutely dominate this vertical rock wall! The title says hill climb, but that is not doing this video justice. In the video below Bobby Tanner is giving the spectators an absolute show!

The fully caged buggy puts out almost 700 hp, and runs on race fuel. One of the most exciting things about this video is how steep this rock wall is. The Coleworx screaming blue buggy, seems to have met his match and everyone applauds the valiant effort when its gets as close as possible to making it, before having to drop back down. But don’t give up on this beast just yet. Watch as Bobby discredits the naysayers and finishes his run with style!

Would you have given the climb a second try if you were driving? You have to respect his determination! If you liked this post, be sure to ‘share’ it with others!