Boss Mustang Chased By…An Alien?



This definitely looks like something out of one of the Transformers movies, but it’s actually a pretty cool video just put together by some friends who work in special effects and film. The road footage was shot on the Transfagarasan Highway in Romania, and features some really awesome CGI to create both the crazy robotic alien creature and the Boss Mustang.

These guys have talent, because this short clip absolutely looks like it belongs in a summer Hollywood blockbuster. Great job on this 1 minute clip guys – now make it into 90 minutes and throw it up on iTunes for us to download! Seriously though, we couldn’t think of many cars better to choose for a scene like this than a Boss Mustang. You certainly aren’t running away from a creature like that in a Ford Focus. You need something with the acceleration, torque, and handling on those crazy corners to make it believable, and that was certainly accomplished. Did you guys think this video was as cool as we did? Be sure to let us know in the comments section, and be sure to share it so others can watch as well.