Brake Failure Leads to Massive Pileup




If you’ve ever had brake failure, then you know how terrifying it can be to experience what this guy did – that feeling of heading straight for other cars that are stopped and there not being a thing you can do about it. We feel for the dude in this video, and all things considered he probably did the best he could in the situation that presented itself. He’s heading down a pretty winding road at what appears to be a downhill angle, and there are tons of other cars around. That certainly doesn’t bode well for our driver.

When it’s his turn to hit the brakes and fall in line behind the other cars, he’s got nothing – the brakes have completely failed him. Fortunately, he wasn’t traveling at too fast of a rate, but still fast enough to do some damage. He reacts quickly, and moves to the shoulder for a while to slow himself down. Once he runs out of room, he has to make the tough decision and run into the back of an SUV, causing a chain reaction that damages several cars on the road. That’s one way to stop! Luckily, no one was injured. Just a lot of car insurance claims to be made! Like and share if you enjoyed the video.