British Mechanic Builds a Street Legal Version of the Iconic Toy Car


Creatively Built Grown Up Version of a Little Tikes Pedal Car

The popular british news channel recently aired a video that we knew you guys would love as well. How many of us remember our little tikes pedal cars or cozy coupes? The little red and yellow cars that ran on foot power alone. I can remember channeling my inner flinstone and scooting around the driveway to this day.

Now theirs one for grown ups! Yep, British mechanic John Bitmead and tow of his buddies decided take on the challenge of converting a Daewoo Matiz into a street legal toy car. They succeeded with flying colors. After over 1000 man hours and close to $7,000.00, the trio have birthed the perfect car for every mans inner child.

Of course its not the fastest ride on the road. The 0-60 time of 17 seconds might be just a little faster than I can pedal, but it will do. With a top speed of 70mphs, the windowless custom car might not be the best choice, if your taking a hot date out for the night. For me and you though, this thing has some serious potential.

Watch the feature below and let us know what you think. Could you see a souped up version in the near future?