Car Runs Over 5 Yr Old Boy with Shocking Results


5yr Old Miracle Kid Gets Run Over By Car and Walks Away!

This story of the “miracle” car accident is going viral right now. The footage of a 5 yr old boy and his 56 yr old grandmother getting run over by a car is hard to watch. More than anything though, the video is absolutely shocking! Not just because a car accident results in two pedestrians getting run over, but by how it ended.

You’ll see in the cctv footage below. A 5 yr old brazilian boy is walking along the sidewalk with his 56 yr old grandmother at the same time a car accident occurs just up the street. As the wrecked car barrels toward them out of control, they have no where to go. The two try to avoid the speeding car, but cannot get out of the way fast enough. Normally this would be the end of a normal life for both of the pedestrians that go run over.

The most amazing part of the accident, is how quickly the 5 yr old boy recovers from getting his head run over by a car. With in seconds he gets back up to his feet, and tends to his grandmother who was run over with him. Reports say the boy suffered just a few cuts and bruises on his face and stayed with the woman in the video — his 56-year-old grandmother — until an ambulance arrived.

The boy was released from the hospital the same day and his grandmother the following day. Have you ever seen anything like this? I sure haven’t, not with an ending you want to share at least. Watch the footage below, and see for yourself! Give it a ‘share’  if it shocked you as much as us! How do you think they were able to survive this deadly car accident with just minor cuts and bruises?

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