23 military aircraft you'd never guess were legal to own!

Join us as we discuss 23 impressive aircraft that you probably thought were illegal to own! Obviously, for security reasons these old fighters, or more commonly called ‘warbirds’ are modified so they can’t carry munitions. Even with that being true, many of these warbirds are still more than capable of breakneck speeds and fast paced […]

Welcome to our countdown discussing 13 celebrities who are licensed to fly! Throughout this list we will discuss several different celebrity pilots and provide a brief background on what got them involved in aviation. Where appropriate, we’ll dive even further into details about the planes that these celebs own. So if you’re interested in learning […]


In this countdown we’ll get a glimpse into some of the most luxurious airplanes on the planet. Some of these multi-million dollar airships are made for commercial purposes, but that hasn’t stopped a few of the world’s wealthiest people from buying and fully customizing them into ultra lavish private jets worth tens, or in some […]


[ad#rectangle-center] Meet Yves Rossy, a Human Jetpack Who Uses His Body to Fly! Holy Jetpack, Batman! All of you horsepower fans are not going to believe this crazy invention that lets Swiss pilot Yves Rossy fly through the air. Rossy uses a jet-powered wing to soar for up to 10 minutes at a time. His […]


This Crazy Video of The Beast Will Have You Totally Rethinking Model Airplanes! This model airplane pilot just completely shows gravity who is boss in this short stunt video. A must for all fans of horsepower, this video will have you thinking something different next time you see a guy with a remote controlled plane. […]


[ad#rectangle-image]   Plane Crashes in Front of Drag Truck in Iceland This is not something you see everyday! As a matter of fact, this is not something you never see. If you can put yourself in the shoes (or seat) of the driver in this diesel truck. You can only imagine the horror and confusion […]

werth brothers airplane tailgrab motorcycle stunt

[ad#rectangle-center] Death Defying Airplane Tail Grab on a Motorcycle This stunt is absolutely mind blowing! The sheer danger the pilot and the motorcycle rider are in is crazy enough, not to mention they take it one step further by trying to connect both the rider and the plane at high speed. The Werth brothers have […]

oregon helicopter pilot delivers christmas trees like a boss

[ad#rectangle-center] Oregon Helicopter Pilot Goes Beast Mode During Christmas Season: Could an argument be made that the Christmas tree is almost as important as the presents to the holiday season. If so, that an argument can be made, that this helicopter pilot is cooler than Santa himself! Watch this amazing footage of pilot Dan Clark […]

indian chief and chieftan motorcycle and cub crafter cub airplane

[ad#leaderboard-image] [ad#rectangle-image] What do the Indian Chieftan and Chief Motorcycle have in common with the cub crafters cub airplane? More than you would think. One of the most obvious things would be they both look like fun. The less obvious and probably more interesting is the american history these machines share along with the resent […]

2008 custom bomber jet themed triumph rocket motorcycle

[ad#leaderboard-image] [ad#rectangle-center] Check out this amazingly detailed bomber jet themed triumph motorcycle! The video simply a thorough walk around of one of our favorite themed motorcycles. Painter/Artist/Fabricator James Scott commissioned by the motorcycle’s owner Steven Hegel has managed to customize this beautiful 2008 triumph rocket motorcycle after the infamous Word War 1 B-17 Bomber Jet […]