A new article from CNN suggests that 2014 may be the year of the driverless car, with over 50 percent of respondents to a University of Michigan survey reporting that they were stoked about driverless autos. What once was way too far out to be the future may very well be the way you’re getting […]

how to get in a lifted truck - funny commcercial from alamo auto supply

[ad#rectangle-center] Alamo Auto Supply Promotes Their Truck Step Bars With This Creatively Funny Ad In the market to buy some new step bars for your lifted truck? After watching this creatively funny ad from Alamo Auto Supply you might just feel they deserve a chance to win your business. With over 22,000 after market truck […]

henry fords 1929 fordson snow machine

[ad#rectangle-center]   Henry Ford’s 1929 Fordson Snow Machine Was The First Snowmobile This cool Ford advertisement from the 1920’s is just another perfect example of how innovative Henry Ford was. More than 20 years before the first snow mobile was invented, Henry was already scooting around on 5′ of snow like no body had ever […]

harley davidson motorcycles ad biker clause

[ad#rectangle-center]   Harley Davidson’s Motorcycles Biker Clause Promo: The american motorcycle manufacture’s latest holiday advertisement is really fun to watch. The juggernauts of american motorcycle production have done it again. Their latest bad santa biker clause promo, that focuses on the ‘darker’ side of Christmas will get any bikers attention. Watch the video below, of […]

sienna miller and the new 2015 ford mustang american muscle car

[ad#rectangle-image-large] Model Sienna Miller Flirting With the New 2015 Ford Mustang! One of the most iconic american muscle cars, the ford mustang, is all everyones talking about right now. Might be because of the recent photo leaks of the new 2015 ford mustang a month before planned. Might be because the new design is a […]

vintage chevrolet corsair compact car commercial

[ad#rectangle-image] Vintage 1960 Chevrolet Corvair Compact Car Commercial Made Us Want to Buy One Today! Watch this nostalgic chevy commercial below. With the all to common narrator voice that sounds like he can never tell a lie, to the grainy color tone of the promo. This clip really brought us back! More than that, it […]

ford explorer eco boost on gas tank promo with devin supertramp in moab desert

[ad#rectangle-center] Ford is always looking for ways to reach newer audiences, and they recently picked a guy that is all the buzz on the viral video scene. Devin Supertramp is famous in youtube realm with his overly awesome videos, where he invites his many talented friends to pull off some of the craziest adventures and […]

volvo trucks commercial with juan claude van damme performance diesel

[ad#rectangle-center]   With over 16-million views in only three days on YouTube, Volvo trucks has a legitimate viral success with their new clip featuring Jean Claude Van-Damme performing his signature split between two long haul diesel trucks as they travel backward at a pretty good rate of speed. Volvo claims that the diesel trucks are […]

panasonic inspired roland sands harley davidson sportster motorcycle

[ad#responsive-top] [ad#rectangle-center]   Feast your eyes, and more importantly ears on this amazing motorcycle video! Motorcycle designer, Roland Sands, and Nitro Circus madman, Andy Bell, join forces on a Panasonic Technics inspired Harley Davidson Sportster. Roland Sands took cues from the RP-DH1250 Headphones as well as the classic SL-1200MK2 professional turntables for the custom motorcycle’s […]

3 yr old kid drives 320hp mitsubishi evo 6

[ad#responsive-top] [ad#rectangle-center]   Supposedly, driving a 320hp Mitsubishi Evo 6 is so easy, a 3 yr old girl can do it. At least that’s what this creative commercial promotes. Watch the video below of this cute little girl taking the car keys from the salesman at Van Maaren Autos, so she can test the car […]