For this countdown we’ve searched the web for the most unforgivable road construction fails we could find. Our search resulted in this extensive countdown featuring 19 ridiculous fails that’ll make you believe that DOT lacks a drug testing policy. Be sure to stick around until you reach the #1 spot, you will be shocked at […]


You will not believe this jet ski fail video! One very lucky woman has an amazing story to tell for the rest of her life. What Your Going to See Below The video seems to be shot at some tropical paradise. A young woman sits on a jet ski that she has just rented, posing […]


[ad#rectangle-image] Russia’s First Loss of Olympic Week is an Audi S5 Drifting FAIL Its a good thing drifting isn’t an olympic sport.. for Russians that is. I would actually love to see some souped up sports cars drifting through the snowy streets of Sochi, Russia! From the looks of this video however, russians might not […]


Chevy Truck Driver Tries to Imitate Monster Truck and Fails Miserably If there is one thing we hear more than anything in the extreme sports world, its “Don’t try this at home”. I’ll be honest, most of the time that goes in one ear and out the other. However, if it wasn’t for people deciding […]

chevy truck rescue attempt in the snow goes bad in a hurry

[ad#rectangle-center] Scary Truck Rescue Attempt in the Snow Doesn’t Go as Planned! There are a couple reasons why tow truck companies do not let you sit in the your car or truck and steer while they are attempting a rescue. This my friends, is the main reason. The liability of something like this, gives their […]


[ad#rectangle-center] Drunken Neighbor Attacking Cars and Getting His Just Deserved! Who doesn’t love seeing justice prevail? It might have started out when we were younger. Watching superhero cartoons and movies. Most of us routed for the good guy, and loved to see justice win at the end of the episodes. Guess you can relate this […]


Truck Driver Has to Jack Knife to Miss Low Bridge and FAILS Miserably Everybody has a great excuse why their job is ‘the most stressful’. I am definitely not going to argue with any of them. I will however, back the fact that truck drivers have one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. […]

canadian police car chase fail

[ad#rectangle-image]   Funny Winter Cop Chase in Canada What happens when your running from the police in Canada, and your car gets stuck in the snow? Well, if you watch this funny fail blog clip, they show you what could possibly happen. Guess if the snow is bad enough to get your vehicle stuck, then […]

chevy truck trailer loading fail

Chevy Truck Gets the Best of Two Country Boys One of the greatest things about internet videos, is the fail videos. Really, just think about how many times you have laughed in front of your computer or smartphone at random idiots and their follies. Without it we would just have to hear the stories later […]


[ad#rectangle-image]   Drunken Motorcycle Triple FAIL What is the worst place to be after you’ve had one too many drinks? On the road! This guys is already behind in cool points, by being this drunk and on the road. He’s not done though. He is also on a scooter disguised as a chopper of sorts […]