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[ad#rectangle-center] RJ Anderson Puts the Polaris RZR UTV to the Ultimate Test Ride Polaris began as a company in 1954. Today’s products are based on a legacy of past innovation that allowed the company to build machines that conquered the elements. The standard Polaris RZR UTV is available in an 800 or a 1000 series/models. […]

polaris snowmobile dam jump mark freeman

Polaris Snowmobile Gets Air in This Cool Dam Jump Video Mark Freeman is somewhat of a celebrity on youtube. His youtube channel is full of crazy videos. Clips of him and his friends pulling off extreme stunts. This stunt below, might not be as extreme as some of his other endeavors, but what it lacks […]

ultimate beer passing in the yukon

[ad#rectangle-center]   Mates Pass Each Other Beers on Frozen Lake in the Windy Yukon! One thing that all Men have in common, is the love of a cold beer. Its in our nature. When it comes to beer, the colder the better. Thats why this amazing footage of a Yukon beer (Chilkoot lager) sliding across […]

van boat rv combo at boat ramp

We seem to Idealize the dream of owning our own boat and/or an RV as something that comes to a man when he “has it all”. It seems that the picture perfect retirement is towing your boat to ramp in the middle of the week for a relaxing lake ride, or traveling the american dream […]