It seems that more than any other vehicle, custom-made trikes are the most likely to turn out weird and unusual. In many cases that’s a bad thing, but some of these unique creations are also downright impressive. This eclectic list includes fast trikes and trikes that maneuver well along with some cumbersome creations that were […]

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Vroom vroom vroom! Our list of the 20 fastest street-legal motorcycles starts out with the first motorcycle to exceed the 100MPH mark and ends with several newer bikes that exceed the 200MPH threshold! Each one of these 20 bikes have been thoroughly researched in order for us to craft the best motorcycle list available on […]


[ad#rectangle-image-large] Just when you thought the world of drag racing could get no weirder, UniMotorcycle Dirt Drag Racing comes along. It is the oddest thing in motorsports. It is fun though. It resembles some odd mechanical bull accident, but it works. The Unimotorcycles are boxy. They have skids on the front and a combination of […]


This Wynnum Biker Has Been Stopped Over 21 Times Since He Bought His Harley! Police harassment has hit an all time low in the town of Queensland, Australia. It has finally become evident to motorcycle enthusiast from all over. This after a viral video was posted of a biker being obviously harassed by multiple police […]


[ad#rectangle-center] Motorcyclist Runs Into Traffic Jam While Speeding The last thing you want to see when your speeding down the highway is multiple brake lights in front of you. More importantly, you don’t want to see them when its too late. Unfortunately for this reckless motorcycle rider, that is exactly what happened. You can see […]


[ad#rectangle-image-large] Cool Boss Rewards His Employee With a Harley Sportster Motorcycle Surprise! When Raul mentioned to his boss that he has always dreamed of owning a harley davidson motorcycle, he had no idea he was picking the surprise reward for all his hard work. The way Raul reacts to seeing a mystery gift in the […]


If you were ever worried that you might be putting your motorcycle chain through the ringer, this should calm your concerns. You don’t see motorcycle drag races from this view too often, so we thought we could share it with you. Its pretty damn cool seeing just how a chain reacts to this type of […]


[ad#rectangle-center] Police Officer Attempts to Chase Motorcycle and Crashes His New Dodge Charger In no way am I going to side with motorcycle rider in this instance. I’m sure he deserved to be pulled over. What I can’t side with is the police officer chasing the fleeing motorcycle through these suburban roads. A chase like […]


[ad#rectangle-center] Kicking Over a Man’s Motorcycle is Grounds for a Beating in any Language! Get ready to be pissed off. If you are a motorcycle owner, you will be hard pressed to not get upset by the cyclist in this video. No matter if your a harley man, a street biker, or anything in between […]


[ad#rectangle-center] Pissed Off Driver Eats His Words After Threatening Girl on Motorcycle Driving in the a busy city on a motorcycle is a chore to say the least. Not only is it far from scenic most of the time, you have 5 times more cars on the road then in the rural backroads of the […]