CEO of Mattracks Burns Track Rubber in His Ford f-350

If Glen Frazier ( the CEO of Mattracks ) has done anything for the world of off-roading, its making vehicles look cooler one track at a time. Seriously. Put any vehicle; a jeep, truck, car, or even a golf cart, next to its identical vehicle sitting on track tires. I guarantee you, your going to want to drive the one with the tracks on it!
mattracks ceo does a burnoutNot only are mattracks cool linking and a conversation starter, they’re quite functional as well. Helping off-road enthusiast conquer terrain that they would normally not attempt with regular tires. Wait a second, what am I saying? Off-road enthusiast will attempt to conquer almost any terrain, the mattracks bolt ons  just makes more of those off-roading attempts possible!


In the video below. Frazier shows that the tracks are not only cool looking and functional. He uses his ford pickup truck to demonstrate that you can also perform an incredibly expensive burnout with them too! That must be close to $4,000.00 worth of track tire rubber floating away. Fortunately for the CEO of Mattracks, this promotion was probably a write off anyways. Watch him lay some serious rubber in his Mattrack equipped  ’06 v-10 powered Ford f-350 FX4! If you liked the clip, please give it a ‘share’ before you go. Thanks for watching!

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