Chain Reaction Motorcycle Accident

chain reaction motorcycle accident

Paying attention to what’s up ahead can really be a life-saver sometimes, which is evidenced by this chain reaction motorcycle accident that takes out a ton of riders at one time. To be honest, it’s fairly tough to tell what’s going on that is slowing everyone down, but there’s definitely something preventing people from passing – looks like possibly another motorcycle wreck, as it looks like there’s already at least one biker sprawled out on the ground before the big accident happens.

With the motorcyclists up front hitting the brakes, everyone else has to slow down fairly quickly, which obviously doesn’t happen. You can hear screeching tires, then suddenly motorcycle parts and people are flying everywhere in a chaotic mess. The sad thing is, this could have been avoided if guys were paying attention and maintaining a reasonable speed. Definitely seems like some of these knuckleheads were driving a little too fast, especially when you hear tires squeal like that as they try to hit the brakes. What about you guys – ever seen a chain reaction like this happen and bikers wipe out? Share your comments and stories below, and don’t forget to “share” the video.