Chevy Truck Rescue Attempt Goes Bad in a Hurry!


Scary Truck Rescue Attempt in the Snow Doesn’t Go as Planned!

There are a couple reasons why tow truck companies do not let you sit in the your car or truck and steer while they are attempting a rescue. This my friends, is the main reason. The liability of something like this, gives their insurance companies nightmares.

Watch this scary situation below, where some in exeperienced truck drivers try to rescue a red pickup that seems to have slid off the road in the snow. They do just about everything you should not do, when trying to pull a wrecked vehicle back up a slipper bank.

Lets hope this guy was ok, and that everyone who watches this video learns a valuable lesson! Do you know the proper towing techniques yourself? What would you have done differently? Let us know in the comments section, and be sure to ‘share’ this with anyone who could use the lesson too!