Chevy Truck Trailer Loading FAIL


Chevy Truck Gets the Best of Two Country Boys

One of the greatest things about internet videos, is the fail videos. Really, just think about how many times you have laughed in front of your computer or smartphone at random idiots and their follies. Without it we would just have to hear the stories later and try to imagine the hilarity!

Stories like this one below, probably won’t even be told. At least not by these unlucky country boys. Watch as they are trying to load an old chevy truck with a bed full of used tires, onto a trailer. Simple right? not for these guys. Seems like they forgot to put the parking break on the dodge ram pulling the trailer, and once they get the older chevy with the used car tires onto the trailer, things get crazy!

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Watch this chevy truck loading fail below and enjoy a laugh, while these guys are trying to figure out how to get the wrecked trucks out of this parking lot, with the little pride they have left. If you liked this fun pickup truck fail as much as us, please give it a ‘share’ before you go. Thanks for watching!