Combine a Van, Boat, and RV & You Become the King of the Boat Ramp!


We seem to Idealize the dream of owning our own boat and/or an RV as something that comes to a man when he “has it all”. It seems that the picture perfect retirement is towing your boat to ramp in the middle of the week for a relaxing lake ride, or traveling the american dream on an open road RV trip.


The Ultimate Boater-Home Boat Ramp Launch!

The owner of this creative build had an even better idea. Why not have them both at once? We must say, that sounds like a genius idea. Save the money on hotel stays, and trailer towing with your very own “boater-home”! The vehicle(s) is/are a 1987 Watercraft Sports King Boater Home. The cab consists of a 1986 Ford E-Series, while the rear is a 28-foot power boat that contains living quarters for both land and water use.


Check out the video below to see how this incredible combo vehicle separates for aquatic use (the action starts at 1:27). The boat may look a little front heavy, but this seems like a best-of-boat both-worlds approach!